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Garden advice and consultation

Whether you already have a good idea of the possibilities for your new garden or whether you are wishing to improve on what you already have, there is a comfortable, good value solution that means you can take time to consider what you need for your garden.

The very popular ‘no strings’ Garden Consultation is a one-hour session for clients to be guided through options for their garden and to be given on-the-spot advice about their existing garden, including design or style, planting and construction as well as ideas and inspiration for future planting choices and styles, soft- and hard-landscaping possibilities and practicalities such as storage or parking and access.

The service is unique because, with a full assessment and recommendations report produced, it is much more informative than the usual ‘free’ consultation. The level of information given at this stage would, in other garden design businesses, come after a design has been commissioned.

What is included for £150

  • A 1hr visit
  • Advice, ideas and inspiration for any of the following:
  • Construction & hard landscaping materials – paving, paths, retaining walls, driveways, garden buildings
  • Design – style and aesthetics, practicalities of the garden and it’s current and future uses
  • Plants – assessment and identification of what is already in the garden, suggestions for future planting
  • Planning advice – Consideration of the need for any Local Authority Planning applications and recommendations
  • A full garden assessment report with links included to recommended materials, ideas or products
  • A full useable list of planting ideas divided into plant categories for easy reference
  • A carefully curated list of suppliers for all manner of garden items, materials and services
  • A useful guide to some gardening basics
  • Recommendations for other contractors where required, including tree surgeons, landscapers, specialist contractors

*Please note – the consultation service does not include a garden design sketch

*Extra travel costs may be applicable depending on location