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Garden design and planning

We can can offer you a bespoke garden design service covering as much or as little detail as you need. We are consistently ‘looking outward’ to be inspired by the best that there is in garden design, both historical and contemporary. Influences are broad, drawing from formal and informal designs and detail from gardens of all shapes and sizes. As well as maintaining a continuously updated mental library of colours, textures, forms and embellishments, we are intent on ‘distilling’ ideas for each client in response to their unique requirements. An intelligent reaction to each client’s thought processes results in a practical, stylish garden that is a happy balance of ‘Bath Garden Design’ and ‘you’.

Full garden design

1. Initial consultation

During our initial meeting we would start by looking at you garden as its stands – the elements that work for you and those that don’t and your aspirations for the gardens future.

We would also walk around the garden, providing an opportunity to assess the possibilities and limitations of the site, considering the views, levels, aspect, soil characteristics and access.

At this stage we would take some soil samples to see what planting might be suitable and dig some exploratory holes for any future hard landscaping and planting.

2. Design process

Depending on the size and complexity of your garden we will either carry out a survey of the site ourselves or recommend the services of a professional surveyor.

During this process a mood board will be created in collaboration with you exploring colours and textures of  planting and landscaping elements.

Once we have a suitable survey we can begin working on a scaled, hand drawn plan of your garden which will go through a series of drafts until you are happy with the design and layout.

3. Planting plan

As part of your design a detailed planting plan is created, based on an understanding of the environmental conditions of your garden and selecting plants that will provide interest throughout the year.

We can also organise your planting for you if you wish, and will provide a maintenance schedule for your garden which could include aftercare visits to ensure your planting investments are growing to plan.

4. Implementation of your design

We can introduce you to our landscaping sub-contractors to arrange for quotes, or if you have your own contractors we are able to offer project management as part of this stage.

Once costs are agreed and a date is set, we can work with the contractors to ensure that a smooth transition is made into the planting process of your project.

We have a full team of experienced gardeners who are able to implement the planting scheme plans and complete the vision of your new garden.

Garden planning

For a variety of reasons not all gardens need a design. Sometimes some guidance and list making is all that is required. We offer a straightforward bespoke planning service that you can either implement yourself or let us take care of for you.

If you feel you need help with your garden beyond a single consultation visit, then our garden planning service will be just right for you. We can help get the garden work organised and help you to realise your wishes.

We can provide an assessment report for your garden that breaks down the various components of tasks that need addressing making the process less complicated and planning the work alongside the seasons, availability of labour and practicalities such as planning of budgets and staging work to suit this. We can help you find contractors, plan the stages of the work and project manage any elements of your garden transformation.

Historical research and heritage services

We are trained and experienced researchers in the field of garden history and conservation. If you need advice for a listed property, perhaps for a planning application or simply want to find out more about where you live, we can offer a bespoke service that takes in a site visit and written report.

The cost is on application depending on the scope of the project and can include:

  • Historical research about a property including garden and landscape
  • Conservation reports for historic or listed gardens
  • Advice and help with any aspect of conservation or renovation of a listed or historic garden
  • Written reports including maps, archive images and assessment of listed or historic gardens