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Garden maintenance

We offer a range of flexible garden maintenance and garden services in Bath and the surrounding areas where we do much more than weeding and mowing (although of course we will happily do that). We can keep your garden in tip top condition throughout the year with planting, pruning, tidying and cleaning, keeping your pots and containers looking beautiful and any jobs such as fixing trellis or fencing or putting up sheds.

Read on below for our range of garden maintenance services.

Regular garden maintenance

This unique package is tailor made just for your garden, and includes garden maintenance visits planned throughout the year with added regular consultations to ensure that the garden is doing it’s best and any development work is going smoothly. This can cover everything from lawn mowing, hedge cutting ,weeding and pruning through to jet-washing. Rather than paying gardeners to visit on a weekly basis, we aim to minimise the visits by using our expertise and experience to keep the garden looking good.

We can plan an annual scheme of work so you know exactly what tasks are being done in the garden and when you will expect them to happen.


Our teams are experts at pruning. We can prune roses, vines, wisterias, clematis and other climbing plants, trees (within a reachable height) fruit trees, fruit bushes and flowering shrubs. We have the knowledge and expertise of plants that means that we know when the best time to prune is for each plant or tree and the best time not to prune for flowers or fruit production.

We can renovate old fruit trees, whether they are espalier, wall trained or standard as well as roses of all shapes and sizes to ensure masses of flowers for the coming seasons. Wisterias are one of our specialities and we have a winter waiting list for managing and restoring the more rampant types in our area.

Our pruning programme begins in January with roses, wisteria, some fruit trees excluding those with a stone, vines and some shrubs. We also offer mid-summer pruning for earlier summer flowering shrubs and fruit trees such as plum and cherry. If you want to be sure that your plant is performing to its maximum capacity rather than being given an uninformed ‘cut back’ our knowledgeable team will help it to thrive.

One-off garden clearance

We offer great one-off garden clearance service that is very popular and saves on having regular maintenance. This service would be suitable for gardens that have got out of control and require ‘taming’ so they can become more manageable. We can either come along for a one-off visit or schedule seasonal visits a few times a year to really make a difference. Our efficient and hard working team can clear overgrown areas of weeds and prune any trees, shrubs or plants as required. We can also clean and jet-wash patios and decking – often making your garden look like new.

Any waste generated can be left for you to dispose of or we are more then happy to take it away.


Topiary is a very popular and enduring way of shaping trees and shrubs into formal and informal shapes that provide an important structure or framework to a garden. It is used extensively in both formal and contemporary gardens and is a relatively easy way to add interest and texture to a garden.

Our gardening team are masters at topiary, from re-shaping and revitalising existing trees and shrubs as well as maintaining topiary in all its forms. If you have hedges or shrubs that you would like to make a feature of, we can give them a new lease of life.

We can create formal stylised shapes or more natural organic forms and can supply and plant topiary in a huge range of styles, sizes and species. We can also look after your topiary to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition or we can nurse any diseased or damaged topiary back to health and advise on any pests and diseases as well as feeding and general care.

Whether your topiary is planted into the ground or in containers, we can help.