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With more than eighteen years of landscaping experience in the Somerset and Wiltshire area, Bath Garden Design offers a huge range of services and is happy to tackle all shapes and sizes of projects. Our construction phases are completed by individuals who pride themselves on their problem-solving, focused work ethics and attention to detail. They are seriously ‘no nonsense’ and a friendly bunch with it.

If you are comfortable with the Standalone Consultation then you may wish to continue on to the design drawings and build quote phase. Once a fee has been agreed, construction of your garden is planned and booked in. A clear idea is given of exactly what will be happening during clearing and construction, and regular communication is seen as vital to a successful, efficient project programme, especially when heavy machinery may be involved and the health and safety of all parties is, of course, seen as paramount.

The team is extremely mindful of the mess that can be generated during the construction process and will work to keep this to a minimum, always respectful of your home or place of work. During the construction phase, the Planting Team will work alongside the Landscapers to keep the project timings as tight as possible.

All elements are delivered with good workmanship in mind, in preparation and use of all materials. Sustainable sourcing of materials is very important as is re-use and recycling so that wastage is kept to a minimum.